Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT questionnaire)

Allergy UK information booklets

Amsier charts

Ankle and foot examination at geeky medics

Asthma clinical guidance


Athletic ECG

Basic med and pilot educational leaflets FAA

Beating the Blues

BMI calculator



British Heart Foundation

BSA calculator

CAP 804 Flight crew licensing requirements

CAA AME forms including certificates

CAA approved interpretative ECG software

CAA application forms

CAA contact or find

CAA Diabetes guidance

CAA guidance material for medical certification of professional pilots

CAA guidance material for medical certification of private pilots

CAA guidance on performing medical examinations

CAA HIV Guidance

CAA LAPL page with links 

CAA medical certificate validity table

CAA Medical forms and documents for download

CAA medical standards

CAA publications search

CAA reviews and appeals

CAA spectacle prescription calculator

CAA sunglasses advice

Cabin Crew Medical Report: Implementing rules, acceptable means of complaince and UK guidance

Cancer types A-Z by Cancer Research UK

Cardiac conditions

Cardiac testing

Cardiology, Exercise Physiology and CV risk calculations

Certificate validity table CAA

CHA2DS2-VASc scoring



Changing your licence address with the CAA

Cholesterol to HDL ratio by Mayo clinic 

Cholesterol Units Conversion

Chronic kidney disease stages

City University colour vision test


Cognitive behavioural therapy

Colour deficiency experience

Contrast sensitivity and glare test (CSV-1000)

Convert units

Converting to EASA licence from JAR or UK

Currency conversion

Dengue fever

Diabetes – HbA1c unit converter

Diabetes: UKPDS risk engine

Diagnostic criteria for diabetes



Drug doses equivance and switching

Duration and Validity of Medical Certificates FAA

Earwax treatment

EASA Aircrew Medical Regulations (EU No 1178/2011)

EASA quick guide to types of medical (see p 11)

ECG – CAA approved interpretative software

ECG Interpretation

ECG library

ECG normal intervals

ECG normal trace in ECG library

Echocardiogram (standard transthoracic report) 


English Language Proficiency

EU EASA Regulations I

EU EASA Regulations II

European CMO Forum (addresses of other European aviation authorities)

Evidence Based Medicine 2016

Eye Conditions A-Z by RNIB

Eye conditions: RCOphthalmologists patient information booklets


FAA classes and validities of medical certification

FAA forms and stationery 

FAA MedXPress

FAA PPLs flying in UK 

Federal Air Surgeon’s Medical Bulletin (FASMB)

Flying with Diabetes

Forty-five days before a medical expiry date calculator

Glaucoma risk calculator

Glaucoma simulator

Good aviation medical practice for aeromedical examiners and medical assessors (CAA CAP 1412)

Hamilton depression score

HCM risk calculator

Heart sounds and murmurs tutorial

Hemiblocks on ECG

Hypertension guidelines (NICE)

ICAO manual of civil aviation medicine

Institute of translating and interpreting

Iron content in various foods

Keats House

Lab reference ranges for blood tests

Lab tests

Lab unit converter 1

Lab unit converter 2 (online calculator)

Lipid test results: Mayo clinic

Liver function abnormalities investigation

Liver function test abnomalies flow chart

Mayo clinic BPA

Medical standards and self declaration

Medical standards for pilots, ATCOs and cabin crew CAA

Metric and imperial

Modified early warning score (MEWS) for clinical deteriation of critically ill patients

Motorcycle couriers

MS treatments

Musculoskeletal examination and arthritis research

NASTAR centre

Oculoplastics: American Academy of Opthalmology

Ophthalmology resources

Part ATCO Med

PHQ-9 and GAD-7 depression and anxiety scores

Pitts Vision

Prostate cancer staging

Pulmonary function tests

Q risk


Refractive surgery: Bruce Allan, Moorfields

Reversed BMI

Review of Ophthalmology

Scientific calculator

Searching for an AeMC 

Self declaration medical CAA

Slitmap photography and surgical vids with an iPhone

Smoking cessation

Speech discrimination testing

Sunglasses advice for pilots (FAA)

Sunglasses, Pitts pilot

Survival Curves

TDL profiles

Thrombophilia testing

Time zone map

Travel advice

UKPDS risk engine

Understanding glaucoma

Vision Standards by occupation and activity

Vision Standards Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Wells score for DVT

Which medical? Class 2, LAPL or self-declaration? Licences, aircraft types and medicals required (CAP 1141)

Year planners