• UK Class 2 initial medical examination with ECG: £360
  • UK Class 1 or 2 renewal medical examination without ECG: £280.
  • UK Class 1 or 2 revalidation/ renewal medical examination with ECG: £360.
  • Late evening or Saturday medical – I reserve the right to add £50.
  • Complex medicals with more than one pre-existing condition requiring workup – I will quote based on complete disclosure. Incomplete disclosure terminates the pilot/AME relationship, which is based on mutual trust.
  • FAA medical examination, initial or renewal (no ECG required): £290.
  • FAA 1st Class initial or renewal medical examination with ECG: £370.
  • Abnormal ECG report and admin £60.
  • Audiogram as part of medical £80
  • Audiogram standalone including CAA admin: £150
  • Lipid measurement and admin – needed for Class 1 at the first renewal over age 40: £120
  • LAPL: priced individually – to obtain a quote, please email reason why your GP cannot complete the form for you.
  • Cabin Crew Medical: £280
  • Aircrew consultation fee (casework i.e. work between medicals historically carried out by the CAA) priced individually depending on complexity of problem. Generally £75 for unfit and £150 for fit casework; the later often involves more work (such as discussing medical reports with the authority). Please email for quote.
  • Replacement certificates £95
  • Aviation Ophthalmology advice from £150 depending on complexity.

Please note that fees are payable for the medical and its administration. There are no additional charges for the certificate, but if for some reason a decision about your fitness is deferred to the CAA or FAA for an opinion, the cost of my work remains payable in full and cannot be refunded.