• UK EASA Class 2 initial medical examination with ECG: £290.
  • UK EASA Class 1 or 2 renewal medical examination without ECG: £230.
  • UK EASA Class 1 or 2 revalidation/ renewal medical examination with ECG: £290.
  • Non-UK EASA medical please add £30
  • Evening or Saturday medical please add £30
  • Short notice medicals please add £30
  • FAA medical examination, initial or renewal (no ECG required): £250.
  • FAA 1st Class initial or renewal medical examination with ECG: £320.
  • Add audiogram (check from your cert if this is needed!): £70
  • Lipid measurement and admin – needed for first EASA Class 1 renewal over age 40: £70
  • LAPL: priced individually – to obtain a quote, please email reason why your GP cannot complete the form for you.
  • Cabin Crew Medical: £150.
  • Aircrew consultation fee (casework previously done free by CAA): priced individually depending on complexity of problem. Generally £45 for unfit and £95 for fit casework, which often involves more work such as discussing medical reports with the authority. Please email for quote.
  • Replacement certificates £45
  • Extension letters £90

Please note that fees are payable for the medical and its administration. There are no additional charges for the certificate, but if for some reason a decision about your fitness is deferred to the CAA or FAA for an opinion, the cost of my work remains payable in full and cannot be refunded.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, and the government’s advice on social distancing and non-essential journeys, and my return to NHS work, I am restricting the number and nature of pilot medicals I am booking. Clients should bear in mind that extensions to validity of commercial medical certificates have been adopted by the UK CAA. Please see their website for details. Before attending a medical, please confirm that you have not had symptoms in the last week, or have been in contact in the last two weeks with someone who has symptoms. Please wear a face covering to your medical. Please note that I will check your forehead temperature before proceeding on the day.
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