Booking a medical

Booking a medical

Please note that I’m away all of September 2019.

To contact me about booking an appointment, please fill out the form below. I am based at London Bridge. I do not do AME work full time, but tend to do one or two weekdays each week. I can arrange occasional Saturdays.

Please feel free to suggest dates in the fields below (noting that you are not making a booking!).

I will aim to meet your requirements a closely as possible, or will suggest the alternative dates as close as possible to those you have requested.

Please note the fees on the rates page before you contact me, and that weekend / evening and non-UK EASA medicals are slightly more expensive.

UK licence holders, please enter your CAA reference number. Please enter your state of licence issue if you want a non-UK EASA medical, or if you have a general enquiry or wish to add any more information regarding your appointment request, please add it here.
Please enter a date which best suits you. Please note I mainly do medicals on Monday, times outside of that are limited.