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Contacting me +/- inquiring about booking

To contact me to discuss booking an appointment, please fill out and submit the form below. Please note that all communications are by email rather than by phone so that an audit trail can be maintained, and that all emails may be shared with the national regulator (CAA and FAA). I am based at London Bridge and close to T5 Heathrow Airport. I am shortly, subject to approval, starting work in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Please note that this is not an online booking system, but a contact form. Please feel free to suggest your preferred location and dates in the fields below. I will aim to meet your requirements a closely as possible, or will suggest alternative dates as near as possible to those you have requested. If I cannot accommodate you, I will do my best to direct you to alternatives. Please note the fees on the rates page before contacting me to request an actual booking. Please note that by using email, you explicitly consent to using email as our means of communication, and that whilst I do use the latest technology and comply with ICO requirements, I cannot take responsibility for data in transit. More information is given in my T&C and GDPR Policy.
UK licence holders, please enter your CAA reference number. Please enter your state of licence issue if you want a non-UK EASA medical, or if you have a general enquiry or wish to add any more information regarding your appointment request, please add it here.
Please enter a date which best suits you. Please note I mainly do medicals on Tuesdays, times outside of that are limited.