Terms and Conditions

Fees for work in addition to the normal medical examination

Under normal circumstances, I will issue the medical certificate on the day of the medical.  You should note, however, that the fee is for the medical evaluation rather than the certificate itself.  I am under no obligation to issue the certificate unless you meet the medical standards, and I cannot refund the fee if you do not meet the medical standards.

Occasionally, circumstances arise in which the issue of the medical certificate may be delayed and/ or there may be an additional charge:

1.     Please inform me if you know that you have a pre-existing complex medical condition which might entail significant extra investigation or thought in terms of fitness to fly.  I should be able to help you compile the necessary specialist reports to comply with CAA / FAA guidance before the medical and, if necessary, be able to estimate the amount of work involved.

2.     Occasionally, newly diagnosed conditions emerge during the medical.  In these circumstances, where further work-up (such as specialist consultations or reports) is required, I reserve the right to bill for extra time spent on your case.  I will at all times endeavour to estimate such costs and keep you informed of them. 

I am sure that you will understand that you, as the customer, are responsible for any medical fees involved in seeing specialists or obtaining written reports.  No responsibility is borne by me, or the CAA, or the NHS to commission reports for aeromedical purposes. 

I will email you precise instructions on what required by the CAA or FAA rules.  If you wish to keep to the estimated costs, you should use this as a checklist for the steps to be taken.  You should obtain all the information required and send it in one batch.  Recurrent emails, each containing one item of the total information required, will add to your costs. 

Email communications 

Most of my customer pilots prefer to communicate with me by email.  Email always carries a risk of data breach.  When booking a medical with me, you are asked to confirm that you accept this, and my other terms and conditions, and that you consent to email communication between you and me, and between me and any specialists we agree on, and between me and the CAA or FAA.  In consenting, you must take into account the risk of your confidential medical details being disseminated from a hacked account.  If you do not wish to use email, then please let me know and we will decide on an alternative form of communication. 

Data Protection Statement

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, it is my duty to inform all customers and potential customers of the following:

1.     My company, Vision in Aviation Ltd, is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.  Its registration number is Z7926009. 

2.     In instructing me as their AME, all customers should understand that their personal details will be kept on a database and that I shall retain copies of medical application forms.  The original will be returned to you.

3.     I may be required to pass copies of medical application forms to the CAA or other National Aviation Authorities.  This is stated on the medical application form; when you sign the form, you are consenting to such disclosure.

4.     Personal information pertaining to my customers (namely first name, surname, CAA reference number, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number and date of expiry of medical) will be retained on the database.

5.     The purposes of this database are: 

a/ to maintain records of my activity for medical audit purposes and

b/ to allow me to remind customers of when their next medical becomes due.

6.     Should customers decide that they do not wish to continue with me as their AME, then all of their details will be deleted from the database.

7.     This database will be maintained until such time as I retire and then be destroyed. 

8.     When I retire, all copies of medical application forms will be passed to the CAA medical department as required by CAA regulations. 

9.     Other than in these extremely unusual, legitimate circumstances, I will NEVER pass on personal details of customers to third parties.